Can You Do What You Love?
Finding Power, Purpose, and Happiness When the Old Rules Don't Apply

On Friday, May 16, 2014, Andy Crouch and leading thinkers got together to discuss doing what you love, being part of something meaningful, and still getting paid in a messy and unpredictable world.


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About the Panel


Andy Crouch

Journalist and Culture Maker

Andy Crouch is a multi-careered, culturally concerned, award-winning author, editor, musician, husband, and father. Currently serving as executive editor of Christianity Today, he is also involved with International Justice Mission and has written two books pursuing contemporary issues surrounding Christians, culture, church, and power. With insight and humour, he works to make the complex clear and to create delicious chili most Wednesday nights—at least until his kids outdo his culinary skills.
twitter: @ahc


Rikk Watts


Rikk Watts is Professor of New Testament at Regent College. A dynamic Aussie with a background in engineering and drumming, Rikk loves connecting theology with all of life and helping students understand God’s story and their place within it. He comes to school with a cup of coffee in hand and is continually amazed at the goodness of creation amidst the day-to-day.
email: [email protected]


Josh Kwan

Social Catalyst

With a background in journalism, social entrepreneurship, and philanthropy, Josh Kwan works with young nonprofits to tackle global poverty. He's the Co-Founder and Board Chair of Praxis, as well as Director of International Giving at the David Weekley Family Foundation.
twitter: @JoshKwan




Paige Gutacker is a Regent College student who loves to make things—food, décor, pottery, sentences, songs, and laughter. She is working toward a Master of Arts in Theological Studies, serves as the Alumni Network Catalyst for Summit Ministries, and does mentor training with Christian educators through The Cultivate Project.
email: [email protected]