A Good Death?
Mercy, Mortality, and Medically Assisted Dying

What does mercy mean for those who live with intolerable pain? Is medically-assisted death the answer? Our panel discusses practical, ethical, and spiritual issues surrounding end of life and medically assisted dying.


As the Canadian government moves to legalize medically assisted dying, many questions remain. On June 28, Dr. Ellen Wiebe made the case for assisted dying, arguing that those who suffer are entitled to put an end to their pain. Dr. Edwin Hui, Dr. Tim Maughan, and hospital chaplain Philip Weaver responded, bringing ethics, theology, and practice to bear on this important issue. Don't miss out on this life-and-death discussion. 

Redux seeks to model gracious and thoughtful conversation even in the face of profound disagreement. While we do not endorse all views expressed on our show, we believe that careful and respectful listening to multiple points of view is essential to meaningful, effective engagement with contemporary culture.

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About the Panel


Dr. Ellen Wiebe

Dr. Ellen Wiebe has a longstanding medical practice in Vancouver. She is a passionate advocate of choice in end-of-life care, assisting in the recent court-approved death of a patient suffering from ALS. In an interview with moderator Iwan Russell-Jones, Dr. Wiebe discusses that experience and why she supports medically assisted dying.


Dr. Edwin Hui

Dr. Edwin Hui is Professor of Bioethics and Christianity & Chinese Culture at Regent College. Before coming to Regent, Dr. Hui worked as a medical doctor, scientist, and Vice Chief-of-Staff at Lakewood Hospital in Los Angeles. Dr. Hui has written and lectured extensively on medical ethics in both Western and Chinese contexts.


Dr. Tim Maughan

Dr. Tim Maughan is Professor of Clinical Oncology and Clinical Director of the CRUK/MRC Oxford Institute for Radiation Oncology. Previously, Tim worked as an NHS consultant Clinical Oncologist in Cardiff, becoming Professor of Cancer Studies in 2007. Dr. Maughan's interest in the ethics of medically assisted dying led him to provide evidence to the UK’s Commission on Assisted Dying in 2011.


Philip Weaver

Philip Weaver has extensive experience walking alongside patients in the midst of illness and at the end of life. He currently serves as Manager of Spiritual Health at Providence Health Care. His roles include overseeing pastoral care at St. Paul's and Mount St. Joseph Hospitals and teaching Clinical Pastoral Education. Philip was recently appointed President of the Canadian Association for Spiritual Care. 

About the Moderator


Iwan Russell-Jones

Iwan Russell-Jones is an award-winning filmmaker, theologian, and writer. He is the Eugene and Jan Peterson Chair in Theology and the Arts and Head of the Christianity and the Arts Program at Regent College. Iwan has over 25 years of experience as a producer and director for the BBC, in both television and radio. He has produced documentaries that include The Crucified King (BBC1 2003), American Prophet (BBC2 2008), and Who Do You Say I Am? (BBC1 2007).